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A funny, but good guide for newbies

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Been lurking around this forum for a while, but never actually posted anything, so Hi Everybody!
I'm flumixed about how to come up with my first 10 throw-away posts so I can actually use this forum...
Those first 10 posts happen quicker than you may think, one really quick way is to watch the Newbie section and post a quick "welcome" when new people join

Ah, that's how...
Bought a 2006 Mazda 6 with a 6; really like this car as I bought it to replace a Lincoln LS V8 LSE.
I'm usually not a front-drive fan, but this car doesn't seem to have that high amount of "push" understeer that most FWD's get when driving a little spirited. I have some ideas for a few mods, but most are already here so I'll be "following the leader" most of the time.
I've also seen some great tech posts, a few of which have helped me find a new issue that has led to a CEL and rough running (bad coil #4 ).
For the most part, everyone here seems cool. Good to be here.
there are ALOT of great people on here so if you have a question that you cant answer after a search just ask, even if you have to resurrect an ancient thread lol :smile2:
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