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A few questions about the 2nd gen

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Is there any way to add just an amp/sub and keep the rest stock in a 09 w/ bose no nav?

Is there a free or really cheap place to get repair manuals on a 09?

Where do I get a list of all the interior lights to change colors?

Thanks for any help.
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The signal from the head unit is a pre-amplified signal in the 2007, so you do not require a LOC. You will probably have to do some twin lead to RCA handiwork, and then you can plug straight into the Amp(s). I decided to put a 360.1 LOC from Rockford Fosgate to contol EQ and output to speakers from a PDA, wirelessly (Techie alert).

If the 2009 has the same Bose system, it's likely to have similar wiring.
Each channel out of the head unit is a (+) and (-) wire...2 per channel. Most amps require an RCA plug to receive signal. This means you have to make 2 wire= 1 RCA
I did this:

This gave me twin leads to wire into the stereo.

As you can see, I'll NEVER go back to Bose, lol. I've since gone back and soldered those connections with shrink tube coverings after a wire popped out of the crimps shortly after the and learn!
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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