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So, i've had my 6 just over a week, and im completely dying to mod it. I just wanna make it personal yah know!!! AARRGG! But, with my expensive car payments and stuff, i gotta go slowly. I've already ordered a few cheaper parts i know im gonna like, and while i wait to have the funds to get more stuff, im racking my brain over what i should and shouldnt do to my car. So, here are some pics attached of stuff i've ordered or plan on ordering, and some questions... i'd appreciate any input from seasoned modders and experts.

1) Does removing the door guards really make that big of difference? I cant decide... i dont wanna do it and regret it!

2) How easy are the lighted door stills to install?

3) Waddya think of the tail light covers? I was thinking of painting them the color of my car... tacky or sleak?

4) Eye lids... whats the point? Do they serve a purpose, or just for looks? Who recommends them?

5) I love this aluminum dash trim... how easy are these to install? Would anyone recommend something not shiny and easier to keep clean? If so, from what company? I cant find any sites that sell a variety of good colors.

Thanks guys!!!!

Ps: This should be stickied for future newbies to come who wanna start modding, with the small stuff!


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1) to me, it made a BIG difference. makes the car look more sleek

2) the sills aren't too difficult as long as you have some kind of wiring know how and can use a dremel tool

3) makes it look sleek. i painted mine black, the complete opposite of the color of my car. haven't seen too many taillight covers, but body style would defenitely make it look hott

4) just for looks. and i would defenitely recommend them, those are next on my list

5) i wouldn't do it to my car cause it doesn't match at all, but if done wouldn't look bad
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