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93 mx-6 help please

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Yes I'm new to the site and I hope I'm able to do this here. I'm currently in the process of buying a 1993 mazda mx-6. But here is the problem...I know a decent amount about my honda engines but I have no knowledge about the engine in this car i'm about to buy or any mazda for that matter. The car I want to buy is a riced out 93 mx-6 with a 16 valve DOHC with a garett turbo that HE SAIS is tuned on a dyno to 32psi and has fuel injectors that are open for 80 milliseconds more. My question is can this motor even hold that psi even if it's been built in the first place and LAST? Most cars with that much boost built would still rip the engine apart. He say's it's been built but 32psi is a lot and I'm just scared I'm getting into something that's gunna cost me down the road. How much Horse would that be running on AVERAGE if it's tuned to 32psi and say it's built properly to handle that?

I haven't been able to ask him what's been done to the engine other then what I mentioned he wants $3000 for the car it needs paint that's it.
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just about any motor can be built for any power you want. reliability and cost always come into factor though. This isn't an mx-6 board, so you'll find just as many people here that used to have that car as you might on a honda are cars, engines are engines.

talk to the shop that built the car, talk to the person that tuned it and view the dynos. a 29psi run on a 2.3 Duratec 4cyl in our cars has been in the 530whp range.

Thanks man, I'm going to see it this weekend and He won't even let me test drive it cause he thinks I wouldn't know how to handle it haha...But I understand having $9000 into the engine. Thanks a lot, anymore input would be greatly appreciated.
32 PSI on what turbo?

GT35R and HT3B are two entirely different volumes of air.

engine management?

8 extra injectors.......... what size are they and why in gods name would you need triple injection instead of tuning the bastard with proper size injectors.

got a link to the post. sounds crapily built..... simply put if I had that kind of money into a car I would not take a 1/3 of what was invested just in the motor. especially when you would need serious suspension mods to support 32PSI on ANY turbo.

PS you should also be sure to ask what kind of fuel the car is tuned for. E85 or C16 or pump......
Sorry my bad the fuel injectors are made to stay open for 80 mills longer, and it is a garett trubo.

heres the link

1993 Mazda MX-6 Coupe turbo need it gone ASAP - City of Toronto Cars For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.
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