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93 mx-6 help please

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Yes I'm new to the site and I hope I'm able to do this here. I'm currently in the process of buying a 1993 mazda mx-6. But here is the problem...I know a decent amount about my honda engines but I have no knowledge about the engine in this car i'm about to buy or any mazda for that matter. The car I want to buy is a riced out 93 mx-6 with a 16 valve DOHC with a garett turbo that HE SAIS is tuned on a dyno to 32psi and has fuel injectors that are open for 80 milliseconds more. My question is can this motor even hold that psi even if it's been built in the first place and LAST? Most cars with that much boost built would still rip the engine apart. He say's it's been built but 32psi is a lot and I'm just scared I'm getting into something that's gunna cost me down the road. How much Horse would that be running on AVERAGE if it's tuned to 32psi and say it's built properly to handle that?

I haven't been able to ask him what's been done to the engine other then what I mentioned he wants $3000 for the car it needs paint that's it.
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i def want to see a pic. that FS motor is pretty weak stock. so it would have to be a fully built motor for that kind of power. id be more interested to know whats done to the trans to handle all that power.
yea... def full of shit. that thing wouldnt even start int he condition of those pics. and doesnt look like it ever has been ran. id be careful. from the pics, hes asking way too much. but if you go look at it, and its running a nice standalone, and stuff, it might end up being a nice find. but i doubt it from the pics. lol
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