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Post up/PM me if you're interested in joining the cruise! CLICK HERE for the original thread and to see who is coming!

Meets, Cruises/Group Drives General Guidelines:
-Respect one another. we are not trying to prove that we are better/faster than one another.
-Keep peeling out/burning out to a minimum please. We do not want to be attracting unwanted attention or giving us a bad name/rep.

-When leaving the meet, driving out on the streets and getting caught is at your own discretion.
-Test driving other people's cars: 1) Tearing it up on the main streets, if caught it's all on you. 2) If test driving in the parking lots, keep to a minimum during business hours, for there are lots of cars in the parking lot during those hours. After hours you should be in the clear, but please use common sense, you're still in a parking lot!
-Please be careful, leaving and entering, driving around, we do have kids running around and would not want you to hit any of our cars (just because you think you're a good driver doesn't mean you can't still mess up)
-Respect the place we are meeting at. Please clean up after yourselves. We would not want to lose our meet spots due to trash being left. Good meeting spots are hard to come by.

Cruises/Group Drives:
-Please abide by street and freeway laws as much as possible.
-Know when it's the right time to play, use your common sense and please keep to a super minimum.
-This is not a race! Keep it on the track!
-Please no revving or keep to a minimum, because it can get annoying! If you do don't over do it. (If no revving is mentioned in the meeting prior to take off, for whatever reason, that means NO REVVING!)
-Please keep your distance from the car in front of you, don't be eating the ass of the person in front of you, that's disgusting!
-Please STICK TO GRIP! Keep it smooth and brisk.
-Faster drivers up front, slower drivers in the back.
-LONG TRIPS: Walkie-talkies are very, very highly extremely recommended. (Mandatory for Tri-State/Southwest Mazda Meet: sharing is caring! If you have an extra one bring it) it makes driving together a hell of a lot easier.
-If you see a fellow member needs room to get into the lane, please let them in.
-If you need to get into a lane, SIGNAL! (your signals are there for a reason!)

*NOTE* Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in consequences.

*Let's have a fun and safe time. Afterall, we're all here to have fun! These guidelines are here so everyone can enjoy the time we spend together without getting in trouble!*
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we did that a few years back, very nice up there, surprised the hell out of me because i don't picture that stuff when i think of a NV meet.

have fun

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Looking forward to a good cruise! See you all tomorrow!


aznmc23 (pending repairs)
13x (SCR)
chunbelieveable (SCR) (plans to attend)
(maybe another Subbie or two)
(possibly an Evo)

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Mazda6irl is still around?? i suck at names, but tell her i said hi. i still have a really cute picture of me holding her baby at the last meet....gotta find where that went.
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