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2022 Mazda 6 WG 2.5L
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Just as an FYI, yesterday I updated my 2022 Mazda 6 to 74.00.324A EU, following carefully all the manufacture steps, all went well.
This is how I experienced the install progress:
  • Installation was preparing for about 4 minutes.
  • Than the installation started stuck at 3% for some minutes.
  • Than jumped to 20% for some minutes.
  • Than advanced to 70% gradually and stuck for some minutes.
  • Than 80%
  • Than 98%, 99% and finished.
Overall the installation took about 45 minutes, everything works fine no issues here.

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Hi guys. Anyone out there who would like to share the latest EU Firmware? Versions 74.00.324A EU N firmware i suppose?
Thnx in advance!
Did you manage to obtain this in the end? If so, I wonder if you could share it on to me?

What is the formal route to obtain this? I can't find anything on the Mazda website in this respect - it's all in the forums. Presumably the official line is that this should be undertaken by a dealership?

301 - 308 of 308 Posts