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Originally posted by duratec6

            Here is a question for all you car buffs...

Since the 6s uses the same engine (for the most part) as Ford used in the contour SVT, do you think that same modifications would fit on the 6s?  I am asking this because a buddy of mine has had 2 contour SVT's and has a few parts (pully, intake) left over that he took off before he sold them.  Wanted to find out if I should try using them.  Anyone know?  fyi, I do know that they SVT's motor was a 2.5 and ours is a 3.0.  Thanks.[/b]
One might be able to use the SVT heads to bump the compression ratio up, but you are asking for too much trouble for so little gains. Truth is, those guys would rather swap their stuff out for 6 engine parts.
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