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De-Modding the 6 finally. so these gotta go. I will admit I hated having a loud exhaust since I dont like gathering attention. These are loud but I've never been bothered by police and I've driven in some of the worst and strictest IL towns

heres some pics of when I fabbed it up and all that jazz along with the FS compliance picture.

^^Last years National Meet(Thanks Mark!)

^^ One side all tack welded up

^^ I flared out the ends with the flanges on them so you will have less worries of leakage since the little stubs from the stock Y pipe will still slide into the straight pipes

^^ The first day after I got em on..

^^ Compliance picture, Only the weld seams are rusted. I'm asking 90Shipped. thats less than the cost in materials alone and these are just about 2 years old and in pretty damn good shape IMO.
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