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That on the 6s, I can order the sport package, and it requires the BOSE audio system but nothing else.

But on the 6i, if I select the sport package, I have to get leather, moonroof, comfort package(heated seats) and premium package (this is a wash as it is already included on the 6s).

I just don't undersand why on the V6 I can get a sport with cloth seats, while on the I4 I have to get leather.

Also, if I just select leather seats, I ALWAYS have to get the heated seat package (comfort)? If leather seats and comfort are ALWAYS bundled together, why doesn't Mazda just make it all one package?

Do they perhaps anticipate it to work like this now, but later down the road they will make options a more stand alone item? All of this just doesn't seem to make any sense in my eye, and I'm hoping somebody can clarify why Mazda does it the way they do?
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