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On my 04 Mazda 6s I just bought it came with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty. Now there is 2 years and about 40k miles left on it. I currently have 60k on the car right now, and wanted to keep up with the inspections so they do not screw me on my warranty. I was reading the things that need to be done, (spark plugs, fluid top off, brake inspection, alignment....) and was wondering if you do it yourself if that will have a negative impact when they look if the 60k inspection has been done? Does it have to be done by a liscened mechanic, or can anyone do it and save receipts of things bought and fixed?

Also I just had it Maryland state inspected. Will this suffice for the brake inspection, alignment, and other things they did?... it seems like it should since it had to be ok for it to pass a state inspection???

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