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So I recently bought a 2007 Mazda 6 MPS. I got the tranny oil, diff oil and transfer case oil changed at a local shop. Once I went to pick the car up they told me some bad news and gave me a piece of the evidence. So basically they found pieces of metal in the TC oil when they drained it. Not just little shavings or glitter, quite noticeable pieces.

The car makes a subtle "whirring" noise sometimes when starting to move with 1st gear. This might be the TC.

I honestly don't know what to do with the car now. I love it otherwise but a TC rebuild would probably cost a lot of money. I live in Finland and these things are pretty rare here, so I doubt I could find a spare TC and get it swapped. Also, I'm not mechanically skilled or have the space to work on my car.

Is the car even safe to drive now, or can the TC just blow up anytime? It drives great otherwise and I haven't heard any "dangerous" sounding noises during driving other than the slight whirring, which is very temporary.

Just wondering if I need to play it safe and sell the car now or get it fixed. I recently graduated and started working full time so I don't have the biggest savings on my bank account.

Pics of the piece the shop gave me, non boiled macaroni for size reference. And it seems like its aluminium, doesn't stick to magnet.

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