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Hi can anyone give specifics via email or whatever, can show log book as proof of ownership if ness, i have gone to all the trouble to buy a 6cd in dash changer for my 03 6ts to upgrade from single cd, all dash/panel removal absolute doddle, took the old cd out of dash, quite a few screws involved here but managed ok and got new 6cd changer in perfect, all excited re-plugged back into dash, code needed! a-ha thought no problem, check owners manual (bought car from company so only 1 previous owner with fsh) no code!
phoned guys up at local mazda garage who contacted mazda uk and was told there was no code issued for my 6, but they could de-code it for me if i took car along, this sounds like legal rip-off to me or secret society
because what happens to the poor guy with a flat battery? so if anyone can shed any new light other than last 4 digit (chassis) theory (you get 3 chances or it flips altogether) please could you get in touch asap as it sounds pretty boring at moment, can email pics of my uk 6 if reqd
:( John S
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