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Hi, hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. The issues below may well all be related or I just might be unlucky and they are all isolated. :crying:

Firsty I have a hesitation/splutter just a smidge below 2k rpm (mainly in 5th/6th) on the motorway generally this happens when you gently apply throttle or are lifting off and gently applying throttle.

The car is generally running poorly performance wise, this is erratic in that some days it's responsive and some it feels like it's being 'held back/restrained' giving it a good blat chuffs out loads of black/grey smoke :(

I do have had the engine light come on a couple of times with a fault with the EGT (which I'm trying to get sorted), not sure if it's related or if this would/could cause the symptoms above?

Lastly MPG seems poor around 450 - 500 miles to a tank, not sure if this is classed as poor from this powerplant?

Any advice or pearls would be warmly received, thanks :smile2:
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