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Does anyone know if they still offer this? I can't find it on their website since the redsign way back when.

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yes, many of us don't know about it...I believe they always offer that to buyers- rebates on recent graduates...they never tell us that's why most of us don't know about it...but the catch is you'll have to prove it...I don't think there's a loophole, unless you get a fake graduation certificate...

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I think when i bought the car the salesman may have mentioned it. At the time I was a few weeks away from graduation but they gave it to me anyway. I just had to have the school send them a letter stating I completed a degree and what I majored in.

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IIRC you have to be within 6 months of graduation, before or after, OR the same from transfering to a 4 year from a junior college.

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Here's what it says on the Mazda Canada wesbite (don't know if it'll help but I got it and it was great):

Eligible Models:
All new and unused units, including MCI company vehicles and Dealer demonstrators, sold and delivered as retail during the program period.
Vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant/student.
Only one graduate claim per customer.
An applicant’s degree cannot be used more than once.
A,Z,X Plan customers are excluded from the Mazda Graduate Program.
The Mazda cash award is in addition to any consumer retail incentives that may be available from Mazda Canada at the time of delivery.

Ineligible Models:
Vehicles claimed for payment under the Special Fleet Program.

Graduate Eligibility:
Canadian residents who have graduated between January 1st, 2002 and December 31st, 2006 from an accredited Canadian university or college — a list is attached for reference. The eligibility period is determined from the date shown on the graduate's official transcript. No exceptions from this period will be considered.

Eligible Schools* and Degrees
University: Undergraduate, Bachelor or Post Graduate, Master, Doctorate**. Course length: 3 Years
Community College (outside Quebec): Diploma. Course length: 2 Years
Cegep (Quebec): Diploma of College Studies in technique. Course length: 3 Years

* Recognized by Provincial Ministry of Education.
** Post Graduate degrees may be less than 3 years.
1. Graduates from foreign schools may qualify; however, the applicant may be required to provide proof that the school is accredited through the applicable governing body.
2. Certificates / Attestations are not eligible.
3. Eligibility is limited to 90 days from new vehicle delivery. (i.e. Customers/Dealers who do not apply for the Graduate Rebate at the time of delivery have 90 days following delivery to submit their application.)

Proof of Eligibility:
Proof of eligibility is the dealer’s responsibility and must be substantiated with each of the following documents:
A photocopy of an original official final transcript from the college or university showing the Graduation date (a photocopy of the diploma is not acceptable for the Mazda Graduate Program) or a letter from the Registrar’s office stating the name and length of the program and the Graduation date.
OR IF customer has not graduated yet: a letter confirming graduation within the program period from Registrar's office. The letter has to state the name and the length of the program.
A copy of the vehicle purchase or lease agreement must be included.
A copy of the provincial vehicle registration (and vehicle permit is acceptable wherever available).
f the name on the graduate’s diploma is different from the name of applicant, documentation of the name change is required.

Program Elements:
Mazda Canada Inc. will pay a cash award, a portion of which includes the applicable GST/QST/HST.

The cash award amounts are as follows:
Mazda3/Mazda3 Sport - $500
Tribute/B-Series - $1,000
Mazda6/Mazda6 Sport/Mazda6 Sport Wagon/Mazdaspeed6 - $500
MX-5 Miata (including Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata)- $500
RX-8 (including RX-8 Special Edition) - $500
MPV - $500
Mazda5 - $500
CX-7- $500

The cash award may be used as a down payment and assigned to the selling dealer or the customer may elect to receive a cheque directly from Mazda Canada. If applied to the vehicle purchase, the cash award should be deducted from the final selling price after all taxes..

As this is a consumer offer, an acknowledgement must be signed by the customer stating how the funds are to be applied. Only original forms, properly completed and signed by the customer will be accepted.

General Provisions:
Mazda Canada Inc. reserves the right to extend, expand, reverse or discontinue any provisions of this program at any time.

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Hello John,

Thanks for contacting Mazda.

Unfortunately, there are no incentives and/or promotions currently at
this time for the MAZDASPEED6. Also, the college graduate program that
was in effect ended and is no longer in effect.

If you would like some assistance in searching for a MAZDASPEED6 our
Friend @ Mazda Team can help. This team can search the entire U.S. to
try and find a vehicle with your specifications and can be reached at
(800) 639-1000 or [email protected].[/b]
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