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Whats up guys,

I have 5 brand new blue 4led's from autolumination for sale. I put them in once replacing my courtesy lights, and it was cool at first but I decided that I was a bit too old for them (although I am only 18, haha). I just ordered ultra-white 4led's from autolumination just now, so these are going for sale. You can find them here:

Autolumination is known by many members of this forum, a countless number of people have bought 194's for their interior lighting, as well as their 194 replacement in their headlight clusters. They are of excellent quality, and each led is known to last over 100,000 hours.

I bought each one for $4 plus shipping, so I'll sell them for $3 each, free shipping.

These are in mint condition, and only used for a few days. I can get pictures if you guys really want, but I assure you they are basically brand new and fully working.

PM me or IM me at oshkoshjoash on AIM if you're interested.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts