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Hey guys, first post on these forums for me. :)

I recently purchased a 06 mazda 6 and have been researching/planning my stereo since. I've decided on keeping my factory head-unit due to lack of options otherwise. I do not have the Bose system because I knew I'd be installing a lot of my equipment from my previous install and well, Bose sucks haha.

Yesterday I received my 3sixty.2 in the mail and just now I read through the manual. Everything seems pretty straight forward. My only question is about the remote turn-on wire. I've always had aftermarket cd players which supplied the turn-on but this is gonna be slightly different. I read on the website about testing the speaker terminals with a volt-meter to make sure my car would be ok to use the signal-sensing turn-on ability of the 3sixty.2. Did you guys just use the high-level inputs to turn the 3sixty.2 on and then use the remote wire output to turn on your amps? Also would this output be enough signal to daisy-chain to turn on 2 different amps?

Thanks guys in advance for any help,
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