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Hey folks

Once again we have scheduled our 3rd annual Team Transport Toys for Tots Benefit Car show !

This is a GREAT "little" show put on by Team Transport, a local car club here in So. Cal... & i mean " little" in jest... we had over 250 cars entered last year! & over 1000 guests attending to enjoy the afternoon and see some SWEET ass rides and great local Car clubs & teams take home a BUNCH of trophys!!

Last year thru the efforts of all the partipants we donated almost 1000 toys to the USMC Toys for Tots toy drive to help underprivelidged (sp!?) children all over the southland enjoy a nice gift & a happy holiday season they might not other wise have been able to.

We're trying to make sure we affect even MORE children in need this year we can do it with your help and support!

WHAT : Team Transport Toys for Tots 3rd annual Car show!
WHEN: Dec 10, 2006 11am to 3pm...
WHERE: Cal Poly Pomona

We have food available, Carls Jr. Star Diner will be on hand to handle the Chow

We have Lots of cool activities for the Kids too young to appreciate BOOSTed rides & Carbon fiber... from Big inflated jumpers to inflated Slides & Bungee runs & Bounce & Box plus Slot cars to play with & RC Drift cars etc to check out & enjoy we will post practice & race times on the website for those interested in participating in the RC drifting as well.

Please help make this the best event yet & a huge success again this year!!

Make a plan to attend or enter the show NOW, schedule it in!! We're ALL busy so it's easy to let the days slip by & then you find yourselves committed elsewhere...

Get together in groups & roll out together to enter the show or just come & enjoy the scene as a group!

Team Transport Toys For Tots Car show 2006! Info Here!
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