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well I got the rims and tires mounted.
2018 Mustang Performance Pack 1 wheels
Front 19x9.5 et52.5 255/40-19
Rear 19x9 et45 with 5mm spacer 255/40-19

The only issue with the rims is that they are made for bigger brakes so the caliper bracket is really close the hub. A big brake kit or a little grinding might be needed as it is that close.

The good part is that 255 fit, and you can go full lock no rubbing.

The first gen in my mazdaspeed 6 that i just thought i would share since I mentioned it earlier.
I'm thinking of running 18x9.5 front and 18x9 rear with +28, wondering how this set up will look in comparison to yours.
721 - 722 of 722 Posts