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222/45 vs. 225/50

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It's time for tires and I'm thinking of going for either 225/45 or 225/50's in a Sumitomo HRZ3. I"m keeping the stock 17" rims for now.

I just want some feedback on if either size gives any noticable cornering or braking advantage over the stock 215 size while on the stock rim.


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According to my math the diameter difference of the 225/50 and the 225/45 is close the to stock 215/50 with the 45 being slighter smaller and 50 slightly bigger.

the 225/50 is $20 more per tire than the 45 series. If there is no appreciable difference in handling (given same kind of tire) then the only advantage would be the wider look. I would have already chosen the 225/45 except I am concerned about the 7" rim width. In the past I have sqeezed wider rubber on rims and not really realize as much extra grip as expected since the narrow rims would keep some of the extra rubber from hitting the road.

I'm looking for some feedback on the 225/45 size on stock rims.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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