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2021 - 3800 miles - engine oil light on then off

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Hoping someone can advise if they have this issue. Was driving over to Zaxby's for lunch and my oil engine indicator came on. Have to go up a hill to get to it but it's only a quick incline then levels out. Sitting in line a minute after and the engine oil light comes on. Check the vehicle status screen and it says engine oil low. I turn off the car right there, turn it back on and the indicator light goes out, nothing in vehicle status screen. Car is not running oddly or anything, no smoke, initial look around the engine doesn't show any visible leaks (can't see under the car due to the cover in place down there at the moment, but nothing on the concrete either. Park the car back at work (less than 2 miles) and wait about 30 minutes and oil reads practically dead center between the two marker holes (as far as I'm aware that's perfectly acceptable). Going to take it by the dealership when I get off.
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You know, I'd hope that folks would be checking their engine oil levels once in a while... oh, every 2nd or 3rd fuel-fill? Motor oil is the engine's life-blood!
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