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2020 Steering Wheel clunk and rattle.

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I have a 2020 signature. I seem to run into an issue after tissue with this model which is disappointing coming from a trouble-free 2015 Mazda3. Though not lemon worthy, the issues are still annoying.

Anyway, my steering wheel at a specific spot while clunk when I'm in park. It sounds like something is hitting hard plastic. split open the cover to expose it directly behind the steering wheel and I hear the clunking underneath the white plastic. When I turn left over any sized bump I will hear a hard rattle and can feel it in the steering wheel whatever it is juggling around as it will still continue to rattle for a moment after the bump if I hold it in the position.

Here is a video sorry its short and its at the very beginning.

Any idea what could be causing this? I also have the infamous strut clunking on both sides and numerous rattles but have fixed some with styrofoam. I'm beginning to regret the upgrade to a M6 and should of got the CX5 or 50.
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