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2019 Sales-Mazda's car lineup, the 3, 6, and MX-5, was down by double digits—24 percent

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"Despite the fact that its hot-selling CX-5 crossover was up 2.6 percent, Mazda declined 7 percent to 278,552 units in 2019. That's because Mazda's car lineup, the 3, 6, and MX-5, was down by double digits—24 percent, to be exact. In fact, the CX-5 alone outsold the rest of Mazda's entire lineup, as it did in 2018."
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I remember the days when Mazda was all about zoom zoom = affordable, reliable, great looking cars that were more fun to drive than their competition. If you wanted a Japanese car that was as reliable as Toyota and as fun as a Honda, but for cheaper, Mazda was the easy pick. Now the public doesn't want cars, don't care about driving dynamics, don't want an affordable vehicle, and don't keep one long enough to care about reliability. When the economy tanks people might go back to caring about these things, but in the meantime Mazda is really struggling to find their niche. IMO of course.
Mazda chose to "move upscale" at EXACTLY the wrong time, unfortunately. With the inevitable recession/depression incoming, they may well not stay in America. Who knows? Might be a good time to bring back a bare bones Mazda 2 with a stick?
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