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2019 Sales-Mazda's car lineup, the 3, 6, and MX-5, was down by double digits—24 percent

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"Despite the fact that its hot-selling CX-5 crossover was up 2.6 percent, Mazda declined 7 percent to 278,552 units in 2019. That's because Mazda's car lineup, the 3, 6, and MX-5, was down by double digits—24 percent, to be exact. In fact, the CX-5 alone outsold the rest of Mazda's entire lineup, as it did in 2018."
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For starters those #'s are very misleading. "Car" sales were down, SUV sales were up which equated to a 7% drop in total sales, not 25% which is what pops out.

Also, they are for the US only.
Nobody is shoving anyone into the "niche" CX-5. It's what more buyers are wanting to buy.

Pretty simple really.
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@idrive -- Yes, it's what people want to buy. Now where's the 2.5L MTX Sport model with trim similar to the "6" sport?
Why are you asking me? Doesn't matter what you or I think, the manufacturers are going to make what is going to hopefully sell and make them money. I don't believe you or I are privy to what goes on behind the closed door.

The rest of the copy and paste is just another opinion that has been forecast for several years now. With interest rates so cheap ATM it just doesn't hold water.
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