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2019 Sales-Mazda's car lineup, the 3, 6, and MX-5, was down by double digits—24 percent

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"Despite the fact that its hot-selling CX-5 crossover was up 2.6 percent, Mazda declined 7 percent to 278,552 units in 2019. That's because Mazda's car lineup, the 3, 6, and MX-5, was down by double digits—24 percent, to be exact. In fact, the CX-5 alone outsold the rest of Mazda's entire lineup, as it did in 2018."
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I really have to question how a firm can sustain a 24% loss, from far-from-stellar results to begin with, and continue in business. Is the writing on the wall? Amalgamation with Toyota 'real soon, at bargain basement costs? :(
I think it said they sustained a 7% loss, didn’t it?
Indeed, yes. I mis-read.
Totally agree with you, Ticker, re the basic goodness and comparative value of the baseline model. Of course, the market in general does not see it that way - and that generates needed profit, haha.
Ticker, I RESEMBLE those comments about plastic (vinyl?) steering wheels, lol. You have a thing for leather-wrapped steering wheels :) . "Sport" trim in Canada (aka GX) had (in '17) a non-leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter knob.... but had four heated seats, heated pwr mirrors, reversing camera, rain-sensing wipers... and of course mouse-fur fabric seats.
I am thinking hard about getting a set of Wet Okole's.
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Auto buyers are fickle... and few North Americans want plain, simple, and fewer drive std. transmissions. Even more so for Americans versus Cdns. Here we have (from Nissan) the PREVIOUS generation of Micra. Without a/c, windows, locks, cruise - and with 5mt - it sells for $CDN 9,999 + dlr prep/pdi. It sells reasonably. Nissan would not / does not mkt same in America. I nearly bought one, but for its Mexican assembled Renault designed engine that neither for God nor for money could they figure out how to stop that engine from rod-knocking / spinning rod bearings. 'Real shame 'cuz for me the car ran really nicely, especially for the $.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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