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2018 M6 Signature - New Struts and Shocks to go with Lowering Spring: Bilsten or Koni?

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Recently I purchased the Corksport v1 lowering springs, due to where I live I cant really go much lower than that sadly. After a short discussion with a friend, he recommended I also purchase new Struts and Shocks. I bought my 2018 the first month it came out and I have racked up 77k miles on it, so I figured he was right but now I am torn looking at different struts.

How significant of a difference in ride quality is there between Bilsten B6 vs Koni Sport Yellow?
I ask because there is a $100 price difference between them, the Bilsten are priced at OEM replacement prices ($140+/-) but the Koni's are $230+ that I have ben able to find.

Something else I have noted, Koni's official site says the parts will work on models from 2014 to 2021 however most websites list them as incompatible or cut them off at 2017.
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After I get this figured out I have a few more fun mods to install, cat back exhaust, rear sway and front strut bar... Hopefully by mid Nov the intercooler upgrade and piping kit.
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I've got the v1's paired to B8's front and rear. Ride is smooth, but given how high the rear spring rates are vs the front, the lack of adjustability on the Bilstein's can leave you wanting at times on very bumpy roads. Not to say the ride is rough, just bouncy at times.
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