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Hey Everyone!

I had to change the front brake pads under lifetime brakebest warranty. Then I found the rear inner brake pads thin and uneven with one rear rotor groved. So I had rear rotors turned, new caliper pins and new brake pads under brakebest warranty. With over 130k miles this was the second time I replaced pads. Brakes work great. However, I have a concern I need your help with.

Since I turned in old brake pads for new ones and I did not take note of pad specifics, I was unsure of the location of the mechanical wear indicator clips. The part store had already shipped off my old pads so I could not review them. The service manual illustration must be outdated or not specific to 2015 as the pads do not look like mine. I also found conflicting information online, depending on year or if mechanical or electronic emergency brake.

As to the FRONT new OReillys Brakebest Ceramic brake pads, in the hardware package, 4 wear indictor clips were included. I found a front brake tutorial that showed the wear indicators clipping on and covering the top tip end of the pad. The tip has a recess for a clip. I put all 4 on the 4 top tips of the front pads. Has anyone done the same?

As to the REAR new OReillys Brakebest ceramic brake pads, in the hardware package, 2 mechanical wear indicator clips were included.
2 of the 4 rear brake pads have a mechanical wear indictor clips already attached to the pads. Based on what I remembered and found online, I installed the pad with the indicator clip on the inner side of rotor on each side. I do not recall any other wear indicator clips, only 1 on each inner side. Therefore, I did not use the 2 wear indictor clips in package. Anyone do the same?

Note: Yet, some online info for 2014 to 2017 Mazda 6 show the rear pads with indicator clips on each end of the pad for all 4 pads. There must be pad changes within that 4 year period.

Thanks for any clarification.
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