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I'm probably bumping a really old thread here, but its what google showed me in top searches.

I've got the same issue on my mazda6 sport nav 2016, only happens when its cold, once engine is warm or been ran about for a few miles it goes.

I've even took it back to the garage I bought it from, 4 times now, each time they couldn't find anything. I think I'm starting to lose the plot? Am not going mad am I? I've recorded the noise. Video here:

Does anyone have a fix for this noise yet? Its the only let down of the car so far, apart from that its awesome to drive.

Thank you.

I have a 2016 sport as well and there has been front left suspension noise now that it is cold. Do you have a pictured of what area to spray?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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