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I've been to the dealer once on this issue(jan 2014), and about to go again...

When doing low speed (5-7mph) manuevers in parking lots/in ou of driveways, I hear a noise on both front suspention towers. It's a clicking/popping noise, not so much a clunk that I hear as I turn the wheels to go from forward to reverse( as in out of a parking lot spot).

On my 10k mile visit, the service tech couldn't reproduce, and I was in the car and didnt hear it either. He mentioned there's a TSB about some suspension boot/strut top issue that can be fixed. There were no loose bolts, no rips or tears in rubber or boots.

Anyone else with this or similar issue?

I have this same issue. It seems to occur more when its cold. I was going to bring this up to the service department soon when I bring my car in for a post-Winter alignment.

I'm not impressed by the cheap macpherson suspension on these vehicles.
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