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2014+ Mazda6 12.6" 4 Piston Performance Big Brake Kit

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Foremost like to thank Brian over at Fastbrakes (based in Arizona) for researching, testing for me on the parts that can fit on the Mazda 6 using stock 19" wheel, we now have another option that's easier on the wallet and in doing so they now have a kit for sale you guys can buy.. Click banner image below to go to store page.

The Kit comes with 1 piece 12.6" slotted/drilled rotors, 4 piston Wilwood Superlite calipers, performance brake pads, adapter brackets and the front braided steel brake lines. Gray calipers standard, Black or Red calipers Optional at an extra cost. Now available AP Racing calipers! Be sure to choose the caliper option you want. Requires at least 17" wheels (Spare factory wheels usually WILL NOT clear).

The kit is $865 + shipping

Also in the works, a rear offset kit, meaning an Adapter bracket to offset stock caliper to allow for a larger rotor.. Image below is an example what the kit will be like not the acutal kit, A set of oversized rotors with adapter brackets.

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Any review now that you've had them a couple weeks?
Not too get too far off topic here, but I'm not entirely sure why you'd need to have both tires up in the air at the same time...
Front drivers 19 is flat. Take spare from trunk swap with Rear drivers 19. Take 60 seconds and put the rear back down, lift the front and swap the now "spare" 19 with the flat 19 up front. voila... Maybe I'm missing something here though.

I was kind of excited for a BBK however, I just did a brake fluid flush, new rotors and new pads... Maybe at 100k car miles I'll do this now, maybe we'll be able to get more power out of our 2.5 N/As by then to make it more worthy! (wishful thinking)
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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