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2014 Mazda 6 P0171 Code

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Hello Everyone
2014 Touring, Automatic Trans., 141,000 miles. I wanted to share my recent experience in case it may help anyone with the same issue, possibly avoiding an expensive repair with unnecessary parts and/or labor charges.

I noticed during city driving the engine seemed sluggish in low revs. It seemed almost starving for fuel. The CEL light came on. I am traveling and realized I left my dongle that works with FORSCAN at home, so I went to my Blue Driver backup. P0171 Lean condition. I dropped off at a local mechanic who looked at it immediately, and after checking for vacuum leaks, fuel pressure, MAF sensor (just replaced with a new OEM one) etc., couldn't find any other reasons for it. He thought my problem was bad gas, which come to think of it I had filled it up at a sketchy station a couple days prior to the problem showing up. He said to put some quality fuel injector cleaner in it, fill it up with Top Tier gas (and continue to do so) and take it out on the highway and do the Italian Tuneup. 300 miles later, no CEL and engine running fine with MPG back in it's old range. The best part is the mechanic did not even charge me. He had worked on the car last year, putting in Plugs, Coils and a new battery, so I guess maybe he did me a favor with this "warranty" work.
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