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The car has 80kkm on it, under warranty still. Accidentally found that when idling, the ECT will go up from the driving 84C range all the way up to 100C and more. Neither radiator fan turns on, ever. When driving, the air cools the engine OK, and the thermostat works like it should keeping the ECT between 80 and 84.

The way to cool the engine from 100C+ to 84C proper temperature is to turn on the AC, which immediately turns on BOTH fans.

That should mean that the thermostat is ok, the ECT sensor is OK, the relays for both fans are ok, as well as the fuses.

Is it possible the ECU or whatever turns on the fans when a certain ECT is reached kicks in after 100C (213F)? I am afraid to test.

My only conclusion is a faulty fan control module? Thanks for any help with this!


P.S. I don't know how I would ever even detect this without a diagnostics tool, as the new Mazdas don't have a ECT gauge!
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