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Hi People,

I am a new Mazda 6 owner (118.000km) and have a question regarding issues I am currently having.

After cruising on the highway for about 30km with +- 130 km/h I start having multiple issues. Conditions: light to medium rain

First the SCBS and MRCC inspection required messages pop up togther with the red exclamation mark, amber i-stop light, amber cruisecontrol light and the TCS/DSC light (amber). When slowing down the car clunks sporadically. After shutting off the engine and contact and restarting it works again as normal.

After restarting the engine and driving another +- 30km (20 minutes), the MRCC inspection required message comes up again together with a red exclamation mark, amber engine warning light, amber i-stop, amber cruise control light and amber TCS/DSC. When slowing down the car clunks a bit more than before. After restarting the car drives as normal without any issues yet the engine light stays on until reset by a car mechanic.

This issue sequence happened twice already and the mazda car mechanic said it should be fixed after returning it after the first time. Prior to a recent service I had not had this issue.

Parts changed during recent service:
Oil seperator
KD046040 sensor
Automatic gearbox flush
about all oils, antifreeze, engine coolant and filters

Have you got any idea what might cause this issue? Or have any of you had this issue before? Please let me know.

Looking forward to your answers!

Kind regards,

Edit: added some details
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