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I have a 6 month old 2010 Mazda 6 that has and interesting problem with the front windows. After it rains, if i lower either of the front windows to any position and then immediately raise them back up i get water on the inside of the windows. The water is only on the first 6 inches of the front of the window and about the last 3 inches real the back. I've done a quick visual check to see if the drain holes are blocked in the bottom of the door and it doesn't seem to be. I have taken the car into the dealership and they cannot really give me any straight answers. Only that they will look into if this problem has been discovered before and if Mazda head office has a solution. They do not want to do any sort of investigating of their own due to their cost for time and labor will not be covered by head office. Has anyone ever head of this problem before with any other cars??? Depending on how warm the outside temperature is they water that is on the inside of the window smell quite bad and i am starting to get concerned what the heck it is doing to the side of me door. More importantly how this will effect the car in the long run.
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