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2010 Mazda6 GT
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Hey all.

2010 6 2.5 GT with a manual transmission.

Recently suffering from high idle and a P0850 which is for the NEUTRAL SWITCH at the transmission. Not to be confused with the NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH and the pedal.

Has anyone had to replace this sensor before? Its a typical ball and spring switch like the reverse switch. Wondering if anyone has had luck soaking it in atf and working the ball and spring free? or found other issues at hand.

I've disconnected the sensor to find zero change in behavior, which tells me I've figure the issue out.

Attached is a diagram from Mazda online indicating the sensor. The 2nd sensor being for the reverse lights.

Mazda part number is G61217640.

any insight would be marvelous! This sensor is 09-13 Mazda 6 w/MTX specific.
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