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Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so please bear with me.

I have a 2009 Mazda 6i SV with a manual transmission. I was attempting to replace the transaxle oil for the 2nd time (I am at 154k miles) and for some reason I wasn't thinking clearly and I removed the wrong filler bolt/plug and the wrong drain bolt/plug.

If you look at the attached picture, instead of taking off the filler plug circled in red I took out the bolt/plug circled in green. Then instead of removing the drain plug which is the same size as the filler plug and not in the picture, I removed the bolt/plug circled in blue. Fluid started to drain as soon as I removed that bolt, and only then did I realize I was doing everything wrong. I immediately put both back in, and then I removed the correct filler plug and topped it off with fresh Red Line MT-90 (the same transaxle oil that was already in there).

With all this said, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the items circled in green and blue are for. And along with that, how bad was it that I removed those bolts? Before I go back and replace the oil using the proper fill/drain plugs, I wanted to find out exactly what I did.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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