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Long story short, hit a metal piece at highway speeds in bad weather (heavy rain). Saw the object at the last minute.

The metal object (looked like a piece of someones tire rim) struck and punctured my oil filter. At first I didn't notice the oil pressure light came on, and when I did, about 1 minute later the engine became sluggish and shut off. Pulled off to the side of the highway.

It was late at night, so I requested to be towed to Walmart Supercenter (since every other place was closed).

Talked to mechanic and he advised that I replace the filter and put in new oil (fill the filter with oil when I put it in) and try to start the engine. The oil pan was empty when I checked the level.

I did that, and nothing happened, engine didn't turn over.

Is my engine toast? Is there a safety feature that will shut it off and wont let restart until you reset the computer?

2009 Mazda 6
v6, S grand touring
48k miles on it.

Pic of Damage!
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Right now the car is sitting at Mazda dealer (Had to be towed 1.5 hours) awaiting a call from insurance adjuster on Monday. Any advice for the insurance adjuster?

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depends on your insurance company's policies on percentage of damage vs actual cash value of the vehicle. if the engine is toast, they will make a determination on the cost to replace it . if your state says it crosses the threshold (some are 51% and goes up to near 90) of the acv, the insurance company will salvage the vehicle. keep in mind this includes the cost of man hours to rebuild/replace, inspection,emissions, etc - not just a new motor.
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