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2009 M6GT/MTX vs 2016 M6T/MTX

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Greetings - first (real) post here...

Driving a 09 6GT with MTX. 49K miles ... thinking about upgrading to a 16 6T. The MTX is a must at this point (not old enough to change :nerd:) ...

So... totally aside from the financials ... I am pissed there is no GT/MTX, as are many others as I can tell from the petition... which leads me to:

1. I'd have to cut a sunroof (or at least moonroof) in it ... does anyone have aftermarket experience with those things? Is it a ridiculous thought to cut open a brand-new vehicle? Warranty issues?

2. We "need" heated seats. Has anyone done an aftermarket mod and how was the workmanship? (I realize every shop is different... but was yours good? Was the workmanship close to original specs when you inspected it?)

3. Does the standard Touring have a usable sound system? (I'll be able to answer that in a week or two when "my" model arrives at the dealer here for me to test drive)...

4. Stock tires - I read somewhere on the forum that someone went to Discount Tire and traded in the stock rubber for better stuff. Any short suggestions (other than "search the forum :laugh2:" )?

Finally - is the "new car factor" strong enough to make me overlook the "deficiencies" of a Touring model versus a GT - has anyone been in a similar position and can provide input? Did you miss any GT features in particular?

Cheers and thanks for your help. I'm in the enviable position that I don't NEED a new car but it would be nice to reset the maintenance clock and get the color combo I want. Got the red/black now, aiming for white/beige...
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I explicit went to the Touring model.

1) I don't see a reason to pay almost $10k more for an adjusted face lift and some fancy sensors. Sure the lights are cool but still can't adjust the insane price difference.

2) There is no option to get the Leatherette in the GT and I really prefer the Leatherette over the Leather .. I have a kid in the backseat and you will love the Leatherette if there is a mess :) Also I love the scratch resistance of Leatherette.

3) The i-Eloop looks interesting but it's heavy and I am more interested in tuning the engine anyway.

4) I could have upgraded to the Tech package but still that's 5k more and again - that's a lot of money of stuff that I will change anyway in the long run like the Bose system.

So yeah I made a good choice of getting the Touring because I love her.
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... I am pissed there is no GT/MTX, as are many others as I can tell from the petition... which leads me to:

1. I'd have to cut a sunroof (or at least moonroof) in it ...
I am not following here ... OF COURSE you need an automatic transmission if you have a sunroof ! :wink2:

It is a basic engineering principle.

1) I was gonna say you could get the technology package with the 6T and have a sunroof, but I see they discontinued that. Sapsuckers. As far as an aftermarket sunroof, do your homework. Shop around and look for feedback ratings. So easy to botch a sunroof job. Also, keep in mind that if the surface around the sunroof starts showing signs of fatigue or rust, it could void your factory rust warranty. While they can't void your warranty for having it put it, they CAN void it if the installation can be proved as causing the problem.

2) Someone else asked this question here last year. If I remember right, all the spaghetti (wiring harnesses) is there to add it in. However, the leatherette seats are NOT heated nor do they have the factory option. You'd likely have to swap out the seats with a GT model to get heated. Not aware of anything aftermarket.

3) You will DEFINITELY want to swap the speakers out. The Touring's paper speakers are absolute garbage. I had a set of JBLs put in with a Kicker amp (no sub) about 3mos ago for $800 and the difference is phenomenal.

4) The stock tires are usable but they are noisy. At my current rate of wear, I'll be looking at swapping them out at about 30K. As long as you can turn up the radio and don't do any hard driving, I would just live with the Dunlops until they're thin.

Hope this helps.
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Since you're not far from the boarder, It's my understanding that it isn't terribly difficult to get a 6MT GT from Canada so long as it's pre-owned. Some one else on here was talking about it who mentioned the ridiculous amount of money you could save since the Canadian Dollar is so weak at this current time So it may be worth the trip. Something you could certainly look into. I definitely wish I would have.

To answer your questions about feature differences, I personally own a 16 6MT touring and was in the exact same situation where having a manual outweighed the features and price of a GT. If you're purchasing new, most all Mazda dealers use some type of sublet or in house 3rd party that will add both a Moon roof & heated seats which can be worked into your final cost OTD. Generally those aftermarket companies offer lifetime warranties attached to their products at no additional cost.

The Bose speakers are fantastic but the standard sound system in the Touring is sufficient. When I'm alone in my car I have my music turned way up to about 50 or 55, quality is still very good. That being said every chance I get to drive a GT here at my store I crank it up just as loud and wish I would have had the option of Bose.

See what it would take to find your 6MT GT in Canada though. There are quite a few out there that were Mazda Corporate leases and such. all digital gauges can be changed to out of metric and back to English in the settings so that wont be an issue on the GT

Edit: I own a Crystal white with sand leather which is the combo you're looking for, I absolutely love it. I also ended up working out a sweet deal with one of my clients the ended up with us trading wheels off of her GT. Crystal White 6MT Touring with 20% Tint and 16 GT Gun Metal wheels looks stunning. I get compliments on it all the time.

Here's a link to some info on crossing the border if you consider that route. I don't see any particular issue with proving safety standards as it's the same car we have here just with a Manual and most of that paper work should be able to be handled by the dealership selling the car.
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