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About a week ago while driving to work the dash indicator lights that show what gear you are in (P,R,N,D,M) went out and the light that shows what forward gear you are in (1,2,3,4,5) when out as well and I noticed that the transmission would not shift past 2nd (or maybe 3rd) gear. You could shift it in reverse and drive. I shut the car off and back on and the light came back on and everything shifted out fine. It’s been fine over the last week, but it did the same thing on my wife on her way home today. She shut the car off and started it up again and both times it was fine for a while. It seems to be OK now, but not sure when it will do it again. I have a code reader and there are no DTC’s that are showing up.

It sounds like the car in going into Safe Mode. I've read where alternator issues could casue this, but no 'dummy' lights comes on or anything. Just the indicator lights that I mention above.

I had the tranny replaced at 75,000. I now have 86,000. This sounds like a possible sensor, relay, solenoid issue or something.

Has anyone else seen this? Thanks!
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