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While I was driving today, my 2006 driver's seat lumbar support "popped", sunk in and now the turn knob does absolutely nothing (just spins). Has anyone else had this issue and is there a fix?

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i have the same yr and model, mine popped on me with in a month of having it cranked up as tense as it can go. I believe the only fix is to take the seat apart i need to do some more reasearch on it myself to get it fixed.

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I just got quoted for it today, they told me its a lumbar support actuator. The estimate for this would be $259 + tax. I didnt get it fixed

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mine was replaced about 18 months ago on my 06 6s. common issue, i sure hope there was a rework on the replacement part.

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mannn im glad ive got an 07

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bump?.. Add another '06 to the list. On a scale of 1 to 10 how aggravating is it to take the top portion of the material off the seat, fix the support and put back together?

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mine just popped. 2006 mazda 6 with heated seats. looks like a pain to fix yourrself.

2006 Mazda 6 V6-3.0L DOHC Copyright © 2010, ALLDATA 10.20 Page 1
Vehicle: Customer Interest
Interior - Manual Lumbar Support Inoperative
TSB: 09-049/06
2006 - 2007 Mazda6 with driver's manual lumbar support
On some vehicles equipped with a driver's manual lumbar support, the lumbar will not adjust position or may be inoperative.
A new manual lumbar support assembly is available as a replacement service part.
It is NOT necessary to replace the entire driver's seat assembly to restore the manual lumbar support function.
Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following repair procedure.
1. Verify customer concern.
2. Turn ignition switch to ON position.
3. Record all customer's pre-set radio stations.
4. Adjust driver's seat back to most forward position.
5. Turn ignition switch to LOCK position.
6. Rotate lumbar dial clockwise to fully relaxed position (end of travel).
7. Disconnect negative battery cable and wait for a minimum of one (1) minute.
8. Remove driver's seat from vehicle according to Workshop Manual (section 09-13 FRONT SEAT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION EXCEPT L3
9. Remove side airbag module from driver's seat back according to Workshop Manual (section 08-10 SIDE AIR BAG MODULE
Be sure to read all airbag SERVICE WARNINGS and SERVICE CAUTIONS contained in section 08-10 of the Workshop Manual before
removing the side airbag module.
10. Remove power seat control switch knob.
Make sure lumbar is completely relaxed before removing knob.
11. Pull and remove the manual lumbar control knob.
12. Remove side cover and return any detached clips to side cover.
2006 Mazda 6 V6-3.0L DOHC Copyright © 2010, ALLDATA 10.20 Page 2
13. Separate seat control switch from side cover.
14. Remove two (2) screws and separate manual lumbar control from seat cushion frame.
15. Detach lumbar control from cable and remove.
16. Detach any cable retainers from seat cushion frame.
Observe the manual lumbar cable routing for installation.
17. Remove four (4) recliner-to-cushion frame bolts and remove backrest assembly.
18. Route out wire harness(es) and manual lumbar cable.
Observe routing for installation.
19. To install, tighten recliner-to-cushion frame bolts.
Tightening Torque: 55 Nm (41 lb.-ft.)
20. Remove plastic rivet attaching backrest trim cover to inboard recliner.
21. Release backrest trim cover lower J-clip.
22. Release hook-and-loop strips and invert trim cover to first row of hog rings.
Use care when separating seat back trim cover from hook-and-loop strip, otherwise hook-and-loop strip can be torn from backrest foam pad.
23. Release two (2) manual lumbar spring clips from backrest frame.
24. Remove manual lumbar and route out lumbar cable.
25. To install, reverse the removal procedure from Steps 6-24.
26. Reconnect negative battery cable.
27. Insert key into ignition and start engine.
28. Verify airbag warning light does not stay illuminated.
^ If airbag warning light stays illuminated, inspect airbag harness connectors under driver's seat for proper connections.
29. Re-enter customer's preset radio stations.
30. Turn engine off.
31. Perform "Power Window Initialization Procedure" to restore "anti-pinch" and "auto open/close" window features before returning vehicle to
customer or dealer inventory.
32. Verify repair.
1. Turn ignition to ON position.
2. From driver's seat ensure window lockout switch is NOT depressed.
3. Press window switch down to fully open door window.
4. Pull window switch up to fully close door window; hold switch up for two (2) seconds; release switch.
5. Move to front passenger seat and repeat Steps 3 - 4 on passenger window switch.
2006 Mazda 6 V6-3.0L DOHC Copyright © 2010, ALLDATA 10.20 Page 3
6. Verify proper window operation using each door switch.

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Me too... it happened two years ago. I had brought my car to maxxon mazda dealer for an oil change for a road trip and the service writer was so rude to me!

Anyway, i finally get my car back like two hours later. And I sit down and my radio staions were all messed up, basically i had the feelibg this jerk was messing around in my car.... i go to adjust the lumbar and the wheel was spinning and the lumbar was flat. So i go talk to this service jerk and he says oh not me i wasnt messing with your car, im like my stations are switched and the lumbar is broken. Hes like "oh no no it would take like a 200 pound person to pop that. It wasnt us." I look him up and down, he was no petite guy...I say what are you trying to say that i broke and im lying to you?! Hes like oh not me, we can't fix. I say let me talk to service manager, who was another jerk, so service writer guy is just arguing with me going back and forth trying to say im wrong. Finally i say i want the manager i dont want to hear it anymore...

Long story short, Maxxon mazda dealer totally blew me off, said it wasnt them, didnt offer any solutions to me, didnt try to appease me in any way and ever since then i have been driving around with the lumbar support broken... which now i want to try and fix since im fixing the headliner and everything.
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