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2005 Mazda 6s
13,750 Miles
3.0 Liter V6 Engine

Never been wrecked
Scuff Mark Driver Front Panel
Flawless Interior
Excellent Paint
No Rust

Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs / 2” all four corners
5% Window Tint All Windows
4,000 Watt Power Acoustik Sub-System

This car really does handle like a dream. Being lowered it allows you to take corners and drive much more aggressively then stock…should you choose to do so. The sound system pounds to say the least. At 4,000 total watts, it is more then “enough” to make you go deaf…once again, should you chose to do so…lol

Condition is quite frankly amazingly good despite that scuff mark up front. That was gotten by way of a garage pillar. But it has been painted and is only noticeable if you know too look for it. The interior is perfect with no tears, stains, or burns of any sort.

Why am I selling? I got a great deal on my “dream car”. I can’t afford to keep all my toys. So I am selling this and buying a daily beater. I am not looking to “make money” off this sale. I just want to 1) pay off loan and 2) get fair market value. And considering I got a great deal on the car to begin with, that’s why the reserve is set so reasonably low.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. At the bottom of listing is a link to the photos of the car prior to lowering. I will setup some photos of lowered car this weekend (Saturday the 23rd) when weather is better. As always, this IS a binding contract should you win. Full payment is to be made within 4 days of auction end and a 20% deposit is due within one day of auction end.

asking price - Listed at "buy it now" for $19,500. It is listed on Ebay but due to forum rules (and that's totally cool) I can't link to it. Should you want to check auction out (for my car,boat,motorcycle or project hotrod) PM me and we will do it off the boards. Until then, than you for checking out my car.
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