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i'm looking for someone to Assume my Lease!!

2005 Mazda Mazda6 S Sport Sedan
top of the line (for that year) and fully loaded. black on black leather. heated seats, bose premium sound w/ in-dash 6-cd changer. 220 hp! 5 speed. excellent condition. rear spoiler, moonroof, dual front and side airbags, power everything, alarm, etc. etc. V6, 3.0 liter.

i will pay a down payment for the person taking over the lease.. decreasing the payments to 299/month!!

26 months left. 22500 allotted miles left.. making that 865 miles/month. on leases, you're allowed a certain amount of mileage on the car. typical leases give you 1000 miles/month.. i drove more than i was supposed to. that's part of the reason i'm paying a down payment.. a subsidy for the new mazda 6 driver! if you drive More miles than allotted, it will cost 15 cents/mile. for example, at the end of the lease when u return the car.. and it has 1000 more miles than it's supposed to, you will owe $150. it's really not that big of a deal.

taking over a lease is fairly simple. you just have to be credit approved with my finance company - mazda american credit.. sign some papers and the car will be under your name!

i live in los angeles.

[email protected]
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