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2005 1.8 TS Petrol with 98K on clock

1.Using oil
Traces of oil, the size of your thumb on left side of inside hose from throttle body to air filter
When I take the hose off to clean along with Air Filter I see it in the throttle body
I gave the car an oil change 2 months ago and checked oil and it just shows on the dipstick only done about 1500 miles, if that :surprise:
Theres no blue smoke, only smell of eggs/sulphur I think and low mpg (did plugs etc)
I heard that it could be the PCV Valve, how do I check this, or is it this? as I will clean the Throttle body too
Inlet manifold need to be removed? any links on how to?

When I rev the car its fine but watching the revs coming back down its a bit jumpy or hesitatnt around the 1500-2000 revsIs this an easy fix?

I have seen the throttle body and airbox mods posted on this site, are these ok to do?.. beneficial?

Thanks in advance if anyone could shed some light or info on these questions :nerd:
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