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Hi everyone, I am having some car trouble and could really use some help.
I have a 2003 Mazda 6 i 2.3L 4 cyl. 100,000 Miles.
It has ran nearly perfect until the other day when I was driving
through a light when all the sudden it shutoff and would
not start up again. It still had full power, with all lights and cranks
but will not start. So I had to have it towed home.
It will only start for a few seconds spraying starting fluid
into the throttle body. I have checked the fuses and Relays.
The scanner pulled up codes for Throttle Position Sensor and
A U0100 code stating lost communication with ECM/PCM “A”
I replaced the TPS and Throttle body with a new part and
still no go. The codes for the TPS are gone but still getting the
U0100 ECM/PCM code.
I have tried resetting the ECM and have looked at the wiring but still haven't had any luck.
The fuel pump is turning on. To test the fuel pressure it sprays out of the valve on the fuel rail no problem. So pressure appears to be fine.
Cleaned the MAF.
Checked for spark and getting spark from all four plugs.
I have now removed the (ECM and TCM) and they both appear to be bad but I will attach some photos to be sure.
I have a Multimeter as well but I am unsure of how to test the circuits.
If anyone has any ideas or can guide me on what to do next that would be great! Thank you


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