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2003-2005 Mazda 6 Wagon (GY) Exhaust Tips Chrome for Non-Sport Trim OEM 0000-8R-H02

Mostly to expand on the body of information that makes this forum useful, I am including a short write-up about my salvage yard find.

2003-2005 Exhaust Tips Chrome (0000-8R-H02) for Non-Sport Trim OEM. They compliment the Rear Bumper Skirt (0000-8Y-H01) which augmented the non-sport trim level of the first generation (series one only) Mazda 6. This is what they look like on my 2004 Mazda 6 wagon.

Installation couldn't be easier. There are two threaded 13mm bolts each, on the upper surface, that keep them in place. They slide directly over the 60 mm chrome tips that come as standard equipment. The flattened top of the standard chrome exhaust tips provides the contact surface for the hardware of the larger tips featured here and allows for a range of extension.

Not sure if they will stay but now you've seen it.

Happy Motoring


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