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Car just turned 41K miles.

Mazda service schedule says new plugs at 40K for the Turbo 2.5 so I just changed them out.

Plugs coming out still looked decent. Def showing signs of wear but still had some life in them. While I would 100% recommend changing them at 40K as recommended I would say that if you go over a bit you don't have to worry you're going to have a problem.

Watching a couple of videos substantiated what I was expecting. It was very easy to do. Took my time and spent close to 30 minutes start to finish. Anyone with any basic engine knowledge and a spark plug socket should be able to this themselves with no problem. Save yourself some descent money and do them yourself.

Don't know if the mileage will be any better but after taking it out for a quick spirited run it sure seems to have more spunk.

Plugs and an oil change and runs like new, if not better.

NGK - Laser Iridium Part # DILKAR7M8 I've had the plugs for a couple of years. It's possible the part # has changed but should be easily referenced to the new # if needed.

FWIW I was changing the Oil at 5K intervals. I have now gone to 7K mile intervals. Oil STILL looks good and sitting close to the top of the hash marks on the dip stick. In other words it's not using any appreciable amount of oil in 7K miles. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 w/Pennzoil HPZ-37 Platinum Spin-on Oil Filter
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