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2.3L engine swap guide

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Mazda 6 and Ford Fusion 2.3L Engine Swap | Happy Wrenching

Going through the process to replace my friend's 2.3L and will provide additional images and information as I go. most of the leg work has been done for me, but making this easier to find and sticky so others can find it when they have to address the same issue.
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Can a 2.0L Mazda 3 2006 engine fit into a 2.3L mazda 6 2006 and function perfectly?
Yes. As long as you swap a few things. Just like you can also swap in the even larger 2.5 MZR pretty easily just by swapping a few things from your original 2.3.

Basically any MZR no matter the size can be adapted. Just alot of times you have to swap a few things from the original motor so the ecu will read what it needs to.
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