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2.3 How-To Thread

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This is currenlty a test as i figure out what works and what doesn't. i'm not a big fan of huge DIY sections that you have to search through several pages of things to find what you want. So here's my current thought, similar to the Performance Thread that Rains did, what if we had a single post pinned in the various section, and that 1 post would contain links to the DIY's? many DIY's are reffered to often, but seldom posted in after the initial praise of said DIY has passed, so a link would allow those threads to fall back in history if no one posts, but the link will always be stickied and easy to find?

This popped up as i saw a good writeup about the Speed6 hubs, but the stickies in the Speed section already take up more than 1/2 of the first page.

I will be working on this over the course of the next couple weeks, so please, if anyone has any good howto's from a while back that i can link to, please post the link. i'll work on compiling some if i can't find them, and pulling some from the old 6tech info should be easy as well.

i spend most of my time in here, so i'm starting in here, if it goes well, then i'll see about other area's, as there are a lot of how to's/DIY's floating around. any comments or info, feel free to post.

example: title/link and then a description?

TB Coolant Bypass
How to on how to reroute the coolant around the Throttle body, keeping TB temps lower.

Advanced Timing Mod
Adance timing for smoother revs and a bit more pep

VTCS Removal
Removes butterfly valves from intake manifold, providing less restriction through the intake track

Cleaning your MAF sensor
Simple, cheap fix if you have a few miles on your 6 and are experience odd idle issues or hesitation in acceleration

Spin-on Filter conversion
For those that want to do their own oil, but frustrated with that stupid cartridge filter. Swap with parts from the Mazda3i.

Balance Shaft Delete (BSD)
How to remove the 18lb hunk of metal Mazda designed onto our engine but we think we don't need! post #2 in DIY has more info

PCV Removal
Save some $$ at the dealer and replace this very cheap part on your own. Involved job, but not difficult.

ATX Transmission Cooler
Though this is a tranny thing, figured it could work here as well. again, only for the ATX, and the writeup is using a 4spd ATX, but same principal for the 5spd.

Airbox Mod - one of our oldest mods here!
Bit of tweaking to the stock airbox to get a bit more sound from it, free up flow a bit....maybe even a tad of power?! i will be updating this link at some point so the info is on a how-to here, so we don't end up with a dead link for whatever reason if it goes bye bye.
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love this guide. thanks for the tb coolant bypass and the spin filter conversion!
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