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I have a 2010 2.0 L4 in a Mazda 3. I know. Wrong forum, but the Mazda 3 forum is super dead. So I figure hey, its the same motor so I'll try here, where I have had good results with my Mazda 6 problems.

I recently got a P0012 Camshaft Intake Position Timing Over Retarded Engine light/code.

The Engine is high miles (167,000) and has sludge that I can see under the oil cap. based on that and a fer other things I am hopeful that all it is is that the VVT Solenoid/Actuator, also known as the Oil COntrol Valve, is bad and needs to be replaced.

Any of you experts out there ever done this job? I have a Hayne's Manual coming but who knows how helpful that thing will be, and I can't find a suitable Youtube clip.

The job looks very straight forward. I can see the thing protruding from the cover. Cam cover? I wanna call it a valve cover but thats not accurate.

I'm looking for any insight or tips.

Such as:

What is that rubber grommet thing that surrounds and seals the valve to the cover? Can I gently pry or twist that off or not, without damaging it, or is it attached to the engine cover?

The cover appears to be sealed to the head with RTV. Is that right? No gasket needed? I couldnt find one on various websites. Which RTV, just the black?

Any other things I might need to know?




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