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Selling/Trading Rules:

* You must have at least 50 posts to post an item for sale. Your listing will be immediately removed if you do not meet this standard.
* You MUST display your profile with a valid email address.
* You MUST post a price for ALL FS deals and FS/FT deals.
* You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.
* No SPAM or TROLLing.
* No multi-level marketing schemes.
* No auction style posts (take it to eBay). This includes links to auctions on other sites too.
* No links to lists of items offered for sale, trade, etc. on other sites. Please list your items in your thread.
* No misleading thread titles.
* No price or interest checks.
* No excessive bumping of your own thread. No more than once every 4 hours.
* No "contest or giveaway" threads.
* No alcohol, tobacco, firearm, or any weapons sales.
* No Pornographic (XXX) items.
* You must post a picture of the item along with a tag visible in the picture (white sheet of paper) with your username, date and
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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